I've lost the weight, and now I've had the operation to remove the excess kin off my belly and pubic mound.

1200 grams of skin and lard were removed. This takes me to a total loss of about 9 stones (126.8 lbs) since January 2009. That's 57.5 kilo. That's a whole person. In fact, I'm 11 stones or 70 kilo lighter now than I was in 1999.

It's a blessing I'm so nave. I fear I'd have never had it done had I known the pain and discomfort I was going to be in. Mustn't complain and all that, I know, but right now, it's pretty hard to imagine it'll ever get better and be worth it.

I'm supposed to have a shower today. Not sure how to go about that when I can only be up and out of bed for 15 minutes before I have to go back to bed and sleep for 2 hours.

I'm definitely NOT going to have my boobies done. I HATE pain!

The drain they've put in on either side of my mons pubis were beyond imaginably painful. It's rare, I'm told, that these cause pain. To be fair, it was only the one that hurt. Must've been put in near a nerve, they said. Nice to have it removed, for sure, but it still stings. I've had about 6 centimetres cut off my pubic mound, and that's by far the most painful of the wounds. Apart from just a general soreness, the belly itself doesn't really hurt. Well, not if I don't wriggle about to much. Which I obviously don't. I can only lie on my back, so my coccyx gets really sore after a while. Then I have to get up and move around. And then I get tired and weird in the head and queezy. And then I sleep.

But it'll get better. And I didn't have the operation because of some horrible illness. I chose it. And of course it will be worth it.

I took some photos after they drew on me. When I'm feeling a bit better I'll let y'all have a look.

I've seen the flat belly when the nurses took the elastic compress off, and it's really strange not having a huge flab down there. Really strange. Obviously, right now, I'm not exactly small waisted, 'cos I'm wrapped like like a tortilla, but underneath the wrapping is flatness. When it's better and not as blue and yellow, I'l let you see that, too. Only have one photo of the after so far and that involves pipes coming out of my mons pubis. I'll spare you these.

Nice to be back, by the way. I'm annoyed with myself that I've drifted from here. If Andrew would've been the great leader that he should be (and which I thought I'd paid for as well) and helped me with my fucked up archive pages, I wouldn't have got so cross and probably would've been more inclined to use my diaryland account.

Or maybe it's just 'cos life's busy.



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