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I'm exhausted.

My mum's mate who's a nurse told me to take 2 paracetamol with one ibuprefen for the pain, and it seems to be helping. But today I'm feeling extremely weepy and as more dizzy and lightheaded than the previous days. It's lack of sleep. Apart from crazy pain in my mons pubis where that drain was inserted, the main issue is actually when I'm trying to sleep. I can only lie on my back but when I do, my coccyx hurts like you wouldn't believe. Not even the drugs help and the pain is significant enough that it wakes me up.

I broke my coccyx when I was about 10 (fell backwards on a concrete floor in a barn) and it's caused me all kinds of trouble and discomfort ever since. Hadn't really taken it into the equation with regards to this operation, however.

Not sleeping is horrid. Makes me weepy and queezy.

But Adam and I unwrapped me today and it looks good. No discolouration, signs of infection, weeping or anything and apart from the pain where the drain was, it's surprisingly peaceful in the whole area.

Sneezing, coughing, yawning, puking, pooing and goosebumps all hurt, though, so all the things one takes for granted and barely notices are enough to bring me to my knees!

But I washed my hair today, and that makes me feel so much more human! And I'm wearing clothes that aren't jim-jams! Yay!



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