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(sorry for being disjointed - I'm on morphine)

So, Thursday...

Woke up with a fever (which had been present from the Thursday before), and could think of nothing but have a shower 'cos I felt so yukky. So, I had a shower, and could see the left side of my tummy was looking weird. It was sore, red and swollen and something wasn't right. I decided I'd get dressed, call the doctor, and then perhaps get a few things done around the house.

Anyways, as I was on the bed putting my corsetty type garment on, I could see seepage from the left side bulge. And I could smell it. And I could feel a huge, massive hard lump under the wound as well. Not good.

I got dressed as best I could. At this point, the paracetamol were only "helping" for about 1�-2 hours anyways, so I was shivering and feeling quite unwell. But I rang the doctor who said to came straight in, which I did (well, had to arrange for my mum to come back from town and come andpick me up, blah-blah-blah). The doctor took one look at my belly and called the hospital to expect me urgently. Not sure why, but I insisted on going home first to get a few things. I was seriously struggling at this point. (I updated here and on FB whilst I made sure the dog had a chance to pee before I went - apparently that was quite important to me!)

Anyways, things become a bit hazy from here. We got to the hospital. I walked myself most of the way, but in the end, collapsed and had to go into a wheelchair. My colleague's wife works in the emergency room (which wasn't where I was going) and she saw me and got my straing into a room and sorted me some hot blankets.

My temperature at this point was 39.3, my bacterial count through the roof at 180 and I was severely dehydrated - both from the infection and from having a temp averaging about 39 for a week at this point. However, most alarmingly my blood pressure was only 64/44.

My body was going into shock.

I had intravenus drop put in and was giving morphine for the pain.

They couldn't operate, however, because I wasn't fasting, I was high risk due to all my infectious bacteria, that might pollute the theatre, and more importantly, because my body was too weak at that point.

So, I was admitted to the surgical ward and giving about 5 bags of IV fluids whilst waiting to have the op. The fluids definitely helped as did the morphine. The nurses were all so lovely and looked after me.

Then I started leaking A LOT. It was vile. But I eased the soreness and deflated my belly no end! But GROSS! I've never smelt anything so disgusting in my life. I felt so embaressed, I was stinking up the whole ward. Ewwwwww...

But it was lso a lovely relief.

So, 8 p.m. and I was finally wheeled off to have my operation. They opened up the wound (I stank up the whole hospital as I was wheeled down to the operating theatre!). They rinsed it with salt water and left it open packed with aquaseal and then of course a BIG plaster thingy on top. I was back in my bed just after 11 p.m. as tired as I was hungry.

Had a bit to eat, and then I slept... ish.

Next day they were going in again. The wound had leaked so much it was leaking despite being all bandaged up. But at least it wasn't stinky any more. I was fasting 'cos I was last on the op list - again, due to being high risk for other patients.

It wasn't till 4 pm. I got wheeled off again. Rinse and repeat.

I was back in bed by about 7. Had a little bit to eat, slept, ate a bit again, and then, from midnight, fasting in preparation for Saturday's opening.

Fortunately, there were no ops scheduled for Saturday, and no accidents or emegencies, so I got in at 9 am! Bliss. Another general anaesthesia, another opening. How much can one person possibly take!

They gave me an ice lolly in the waking up ward.

My throat was obviously super sore having tubes in and out and in and out and in and out.

My blood pressure is getting better. Friday, it was around 90/55, Saturday, we touched 100/65 and this morning, it was 107/70! *W00T-W00T*

When the doctor did his round last night, he gave me the bad news that he hadn't been able to close me up yet. My bacterial count, although falling, is still very high (130) and my protein count much, much to low.

But I was allowed home! I mean, for the night. So, I wept with joy (I've done an impressive amount of weeping the last 4 days!) and when Adam came, we went to the bathroom to get me dressed. However, summat wasn't right. Like, my pants weren't the right size, for example. I had swollen up and from my abdomen down I looked deform!

I called the nurse, who had a look and said it didn't look good. She popped me on the scales. 22 lbs gain. In liquids. Situated mainly on my buttocks, belly and thighs. It looks freakish!

So, no going home. More weeping.

They gave me a tiny little dose of diuretic. They can't give me loads 'cos my blood pressure is so low. It's a effing puzzle. The lack of protein and the low blood pressure is preventing liquids entering my body from reaching my kidneys to be exited.


So, last night and today I was to keep an intake diary and wee in a potty so they could weight how much I weed. *sigh* Nothing's private in a place like that!

But I've lost nearly 5 lbs since yesterday, so that's good news.

Today, they did the open and rinse in my bed rather than under general anaesthesia in theatre. It wasn't leaking much anymore and they wanted to spare my body a bit.


Well, rinsing is NOT for wussies! Just saying.

Cue more weeping and cries of agony.

And I'm going back for more tomorrow morning.

Hopefully, Tuesday they'll be able to patch me back together. For good. That'll be under general anaesthesia. So, I'm not quite done yet. But we're getting there.

The rest of the wound - the bit that didn't get infected - looks amazing and is healing up so nicely. And my new belly button's all healed up and looking buttonisque, too!

But my saggy tits, bingo wings and double chin are staying where they are. I am never, ever submitting myself to vanity surgery again. And shame, SHAME on me for doing this to myself and my family.



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