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Yeah, yeah, yeah - I know I said it would surely never be worth it. But... you know... perhaps I was wrong.

Yesterday and even more so today, I found myself rather pleased with my flat tummy whilst at the same time almost forgetting the trip to 'ell and back last week.

My tum is still very bloated, definitely, and I have more centimetres (and lbs) on me than I did prior to surgery, but the hidious sag you saw on the photos - well, I'm just plain happy that's gone. Like, proper pleased! I can already see the difference when I dress. The weird "belt" hanging over my mons pubis and all around my hips is no longer and that's just... unbelievable.

The coffee maker (aka V.A.C. Therapy / drain machine) stays till July 4th. Have 3 filter changes between now and then. It's painful beyond belief, but I can deal with that. The rest of the scars - they're healing so well you'd think surgery was 3 months ago rather than 20 days! And there's no pain!

And although the coffee maker pinches and pulls me, it's also doing its job. The nurse, who changed the dressing and tubes yesterday was gobsmacked. She'd never seen anything quite like it. My wound had gone from a limp, pale sluggish hole to a vibrant red and firm wound. That means the capillary veins are regrowing and loads of lovely healing red blood cells are working their magic and making the best of a bad situation.

I've no idea (and neither does the hospital, where I was originally operated) how the infection and subsequent reopening of some of the stitches will affect the end result. We'll have to wait 6 months to see if corrective surgery will be needed. Between you and me, though, it'd have to be pretty grim for me to consider "corrective" surgery! But with how the rest of the original surgery incision is healing, I can't see the 4 inch wound making the end result unpallatable. We shall see, I guess.

In other news, of the 22lbs I'd gained, I've already dropped the 13.7 lbs. 8.3 lbs and I'm back to the pre-surgery weight. Obviously, I'll like to see the 2.6 lbs I had removed also gone, but right now, that's not really important. I can feel my muscle mass has decreased significantly. My protein count was seriously low for at least 5 days, so that's cost some muscle. But I'm walking as much as I can (because it's all I'm allowed to do!) and as soon as the perculator is of, I'm going to start cycling and swimming again, so I can rebuild my tormented body.



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