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I'm still here. Funny, I never thought I'd "abandon" this co||ection ever, but I guess circumstances change. But regardless. It's still my place and I still make thoughts for here even if they never materialise into actual writing.

Anyways, felt it was time for a little update. On my surgery, for example. The wound is nearly healed. Nearly. Only crusty scabbing left. Yes, it's as cross as it sounds, but much, much less so than when it was an open, weeping sore! Arthur also managed to kick me just before we went on holiday to the UK this summer and thus opened the wound in the other side as well leaving me with a mirror wound to match the staph infection one. But although I'd be too chicken to have the surgery if I'd known what I was facing, I'm so happy with the result and very, very pleased I had the operation. And I'm still getting used to not having a large saggy tummy.

I've not lost any weight for a looong time, though, and so the total still stands just under 9 stone or about 57 kilo - or 125 lbs. I'd like to drop about �-1 stone, but as long as I'm unwilling to exercise beyond long walks, that won't happen. I'm still tracking and logging all my food/drink on Sparkpeople, and I imagine I'll keep doing that for - ever? In 90 days' time, it'll be 3 years since I started my journey to lose weight. Well, the action part of the journey, anyways. I'm sure I took a lot of thinking time before that...

In other news: After 2 interviews I finally found out yesterday that I am the lucky owner of a brand new job! My very first full time permanent position! I feel very adult. I'm going to teach English and Danish at an Asylum Centre near here.

I'm still doing my degree at university in my "spare time" - I don't know how I can combine this with the new job - still need to negotiate the details with the new boss.

I'm going with my mum to look at a new car today. A little car for me so I can get to work. There are no other workable options, so although it goes against everything I believe in, a 2nd car appears the only reasonable solution right now. And some kind of housekeeper. to help us out at home. I'm going to ask one of my students from my current place of employment if she's interested. Otherwise, we'll have to look into other options as there's no way I can keep house and work full time. And do my Master's Degree.

So... a flat update from me. Mainly because that's how I feel. I feel flat. I am happy, of course, that I got the job. But I'm very sad to leave my current place of employment. Very sad. I have amazing colleagues and I love the job. But it's affecting me that I don't know if I have a job in 3 months. The last 2 years, I've not known if I had a job next semester, and it's been really hard. So, I had to make a very difficult decision. I didn't go looking for jobs to apply for and didn't just apply for whatever. But when a job did come up which ticked all the right boxes (except being the job I have and love), I kinda had to go for it.

Time will tell if it was the right decision...



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