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The diaryrings and why in no particular order:

Ani is a babe. A righteous babe, none the less.

I really, really, really like potatoes. Don't you?

Flower is my theme song. Don't ask.

I'm a pacifist. Just don't mess with me, or I'll kick your ugly teeth in. No, really, I wouldn't.

Never again. But the scars remain.

Surviving should be celebrated.

I'm not English, but as I live in the UK I thought it only appropriate to acknowledge my affirmaty by joining the UK ring.

My first musical obsession and the only band of which I've got the all albums - on vinyl even;)

I like Tori Amos. I've even bought DCs though I don't have a CD player.

I love and admire my mother.

I travel. A lot. This is my 9th year in orbit and I don't see it ending anytime soon.

The Simpsons, yes. But it's not like the rest of you fans, coz I haven't really seen that many episodes, and though I can name the main characters, I'd be hard pressed to identify more than the immediate Simpson family. It's been less than two years since I saw my first full episode, and I can't bore people with useless Simpson knowledge and quotes. But I like what I've seen so far. It's very post-modern and very entertaining.

Absolutely Fabolous rocks my boat. I'd like to think of myself as Saffy, but I'm afraid I'm probably more like her mother... which is why I've kept of having kids.

Though I'm not sure I wanna have sex with someone I've never met, I sure am a fan, so I guess I better join the ring.



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